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Khaldei, Yevgeny
Soviet (b. Russia, 1917-1997)


1945 / printed later
gelatin silver print
28.0 x 39.0 cm
Museum Purchase: Ford Motor Co. Fund
GEH NEG: 46020

This image was part of GEH's submission to Art Museum Image Consortium (AMICO) in 1999.//
Mulligan, Therese & Wooters, David. --Photography from 1839 to today: George Eastman House, Rochester, NY.-- Cologne: Taschen, 1999. p. 631.//

EXHIBITION HISTORY: "Inside Out: 50 Years of Collecting", US, NY, Rochester April 24, 1999 - March 12, 2000.//

INSCRIPTION: verso-(in ink) "Elv. Xau...(illeg.)"

copyright, Evgeny Khaldey

NOTES: Catalogued 8/96, DZ. "Born in the year of the Russian Revolution, Evengy Khaledy's life and photographic career has been shaped by the tumultuous events of the Soviet empire. 'I have just always wanted people to know,' he once said, 'what really happened in their time.' Widely regarded as his country's greatest war photojournalist, Khaldey poignantly documented Soviet involvement in World War II - the liberation of the Jewish Ghetto in Budapest, and the fall of Berlin before the allied forces. For newspapers such as Pravda, he recorded the trials at Nuremberg, and the summits at Potsdam and Yalta. After the war, Khaldey fell victim to the Stalinist purges of Jews. His stellar reputation vanquished, he worked in obscurity, photographing for camera clubs and printing other peoples' images. Only with the collapse of Communism was his reputation restored. Today Khaldey is recognized for his significant contributions to the emerging field of photojournalism, a central role he shares with others of his generation, like his friend and colleague, Robert Capa." [Therese Mulligan, July 1996]

cityscape, war ravaged
symbol, flag
people, soldiers

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