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Evans, Walker
American (1903-1975)

DESCRIPTIVE TITLE: Billboard, Birmingham, Alabama
PUBLISHED TITLE: Furniture Store Sign, Birmingham, Alabama

1936 / printed later
gelatin silver contact print
19.1 x 24.1 cm.
Museum Purchase
GEH NEG: 14881

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"Figure In Landscape", US, NY, Rochester, GEH -, February 12 -, 1971.//
"Symbol and Surrogate: The Picture Within", US, HI, Honolulu, University of Hawaii at Manoa Art Gallery, November 19 December 22, 1989.//

NOTES: Cataloged, Fall 1982, updated 5/89, DZ. Video disc frame reference #V29026. Alternate title from --Walker Evans--.

artifact, billboard
landscape, rural

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Billboard, Birmingham, Alabama

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