Pre-Cinema Project

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Precinema Project - Technology CHECKLIST THUMBNAILS INDEX
Precinema Project - Lantern Slides Relating to Motion Pictures CHECKLIST THUMBNAILS INDEX
Toy Lantern Slides - Gebrüder Bing (attrib.) Unident (Monkey) Unident (Men in Sun) Unident (Racial Stereotype) Unident (Cart Prank) Unident (Inflatable) Unident (Men on Bridge)
Darley Drawings (overpainted by Joseph Boggs Beale) for Briggs Lantern Slides The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Benetfink & Co. Gulliver's Travels
Newton & Co. A Tale of Pussy's Road to Ruin
C.W. Briggs The Bottle Lincoln Assassination The Musician and the Crocodile Robinson Crusoe
C.W. Briggs Little Red Riding Hood
C.W. Briggs Lantern Slide Drawings The Bottle Imp Cinderella and the Glass Slipper Tipsy Geese Hamlet (selected) Romeo & Juliet (selected)
Unidentified Maker, French ? Paper Silhouette Slides
Slip Slides - Polyorama Panoptiques CHECKLIST THUMBNAILS INDEX
Muybridge Zoopraxiscope Disk CHECKLIST THUMBNAILS INDEX


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