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Music I, Ellicottville, N Shed with Blue Dotted Lin Triangle, Bermuda Pink Rock Rectangle, Artp Blue Grid, Lackawanna, Ne
Six Oranges, Delaware Par Red Setters in Red Field, Haystack Cone, Freeport, Australian Pines, Fort De Canyon Point, Zion Nation
Moonrise over Pie Pan, Ca Wave, Lave, Lace, Pescade Net and Ship, The Sophia Music II, Ellicottville, Slanting Forest, Artpark,
Blue Right-Angle, Albrigh Slanting Orange Lines, Ro Blue X, Pembroke, New Yor Monument Valley with Red Live Oak Lightening, Lomp
Wave Theory I, Puna Coast Wave Theory II, Puna Coas Wave Theory III, Puna Coa Wave Theory IV, Puna Coas Wave Theory V, Puna Coast

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