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Barnard, George N.
American (1819-1902)

DESCRIPTIVE TITLE: Fire in the Ames Mills, Oswego, New York

daguerreotype with applied color
7.0 x 8.3 cm., 1/6 plate
Museum Purchase; ex-collection James Cady
GEH NEG: 5815


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INSCRIPTION: mat recto-(embossed stamp) "Barnard Oswego" verso-(on backing) "Fire at Ame's Mill, Oswego"

NOTES: Cataloged 11/83, DZ, updated 3/85, RAS. "On the morning of July 5, 1853, a devastating fire broke out on the east side of the Oswego River. ... Barnard took his camera outside to make at least two views of this terrifying spectacle. The first photograph, taken shortly after the fire was discovered, was made from the head of West Cayuga Street one block east of Barnard's new studio, looking southeast across the river toward the Ames and Doolittle mills. The small plates in the Eastman House collection are reduced copy daguerreotypes made for public sale from Barnard's larger originals. Since they are 'mirror images' of the original, laterally reversed daguerreotypes, these smaller plates read correctly. The daguerreotype of the Ames and Doolittle mills is delicately hand-colored, with crimson pigment added to the flaming buildings." [Keith Davis, --George N. Barnard,-- 1990, p. 28-29]

SUBJECT: event, fire / Ames Mill

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Fire in the Ames Mills, O

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