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Geesaman, Lynn
American (1938-)

TITLE ON OBJECT: Hidcote Manor Garden, England

gelatin silver print
47.8 x 48.1 cm.
Museum Purchase, Collectors' Circle Fund

NON-GEH NUMBERS: 6-97-21-6#3 / SPC 3434

INSCRIPTION: print verso-(in pencil) "Hidcote Manor Garden England" "6-97-21-6#3" "SPC 3434" (signed) "Lynn Geesaman"

copyright, Lynn Geesaman

NOTES: Catalogued 3/2000, DZ. "Throughout here career, Geesaman has been preoccupied with one primary subject - the classical garden or cultivated landscape. For her, these places represent a human desire to find, amid the chaos of the environment, a reasoned order and a mathematical beauty of natural form. Building upon this approach, she turns her garden views into romanticized settings with a nostalgic look to the past. Well versed in the history of photography, her work reflects the early fascination of turn-of-the-century pictorialist views of the mysteries of nature. The contemplative sentiment that pervades Geesaman's work is gretly due to a sophisticated printing technique. The use of a greenish-sepia toned paper supports her romantic vision. In addition, she filters the negative during enlargement, achieving an image of softened detail and blurred appearance. This is also a direct reference to a Pictorial sensibility." [Therese Mulligan, 12/1999]

landscape, garden
study, trees

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Hidcote Manor Garden, Eng

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