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Raglan Castle Wells Cathedral, Sculptur Chatsworth, The Palace of Plough Inn, Prestbury Pittville Spa, Cheltenham
St. Ouen, Rouen Landscape with river and Magdalen Tower, Oxford Falls of the Garrabalt The Birth of St. John
Lieu.t Gen.l Sir J.L. Pen Lieu.t Gen.l Sir W.J. Cod Lieu.t Colonel Prince Edw General Bosquet Officers on the Staff of
Lt. Gen.l Sir George Brow Lieu.t Col.l Brownrigg, C Lieu.t Gen.l The Hon.ble Lieu.t Gen.l Sir J.L. Pen Col. Doherty, Officers &
Lieu.t Gen.l Sir John Cam Hardships in the Camp Lieut. Col.l Hallewell hi Lieu.t General Barnard, C Lieu.t Gen.l Sir H.J.W. B

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