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Pywell, Wm. R. 81:0004:0001 Marshall House, Alexandria, Virginia.
Pywell, Wm. R. 81:0004:0002 Slave Pen, Alexandria, Virginia
O'Sullivan, T.H. 81:0004:0003 Fairfax Court-House
Barnard & Gibson 81:0004:0004 Stone Church, Centreville, Va.
Barnard & Gibson 81:0004:0005 Fortifications on Heights of Centreville, Virginia.
Barnard & Gibson 81:0004:0006 Quaker guns, Centreville, Virginia.
Barnard & Gibson 81:0004:0007 Ruins of Stone Bridge, Bull Run.
Barnard & Gibson 81:0004:0008 Mathews' House, Battle-Field of Bull Run.
Barnard & Gibson 81:0004:0009 Ruins at Manassas Junction.
Barnard & Gibson 81:0004:0010 Manassas Junction.
Barnard & Gibson 81:0004:0011 Fortifications at Manassas
Wood & Gibson 81:0004:0012 Battery No. 1, Near Yorktown, Virginia
Wood & Gibson 81:0004:0013 Battery No. 1, Near Yorktown, Virginia
Wood & Gibson 81:0004:0014 Battery No. 4, Near Yorktown, Virginia
Wood & Gibson 81:0004:0015 Moore House, Yorktown, Virginia
Wood & Gibson 81:0004:0016 Inspection of Troops at Cumberlanding, Pamunkey, Virginia.
Woodbury, D.B. 81:0004:0017 Military Bridge, Across the Chickahominy, Virginia.
Gardner, James 81:0004:0018 Ruins of Norfolk Navy Yard, Virginia.
Gardner, Alexander 81:0004:0019 Antietam Bridge, Maryland
Gardner, Alexander 81:0004:0020 Burnside Bridge, Across Antietam Creek, Maryland
Gardner, James 81:0004:0021 Dunker Church, Battle-Field of Antietam, Maryland
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0022 Signal Tower on Elk Mountain, Maryland, Overlooking battlefield of Antietam.
Gardner, Alexander 81:0004:0023 President Lincoln on Battle Field of Antietam
Gardner, Alexander 81:0004:0024 Scene in Pleasant Valley, Maryland.
Gardner, Alexander 81:0004:0025 Pontoon Bridge Across the Potomac, at Berlin.
Gardner, James 81:0004:0026 Meeting of the Shenandoah and Potomac at Harper's Ferry
Gardner, Alexander 81:0004:0027 What Do I Want, John Henry?
Gardner, Alexander 81:0004:0028 Scouts and guides to the Army of the Potomac.
O'Sullivan, T.H. 81:0004:0029 Lacy House, Falmouth, Virginia
O'Sullivan, T.H. 81:0004:0030 Fredericksburg, Virginia
O'Sullivan, T.H. 81:0004:0031 Battery D, Fifth U. S. Artillery, in Action, Fredericksburg, Virginia.
O'Sullivan, T.H. 81:0004:0032 Pontoon Bridge across the Rappahannock.
O'Sullivan, T.H. 81:0004:0033 Evacuation of Aquia Creek.
O'Sullivan, T.H. 81:0004:0034 Group of Confederate Prisoners at Fairfax Court-House.
O'Sullivan, T.H. 81:0004:0035 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0036 A Harvest of Death, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0037 Field where General Reynolds Fell, Gettysburg
O'Sullivan, T.H. 81:0004:0038 Interior of Breastworks on Round Top, Gettysburg.
O'Sullivan, T.H. 81:0004:0039 Gateway of Cemetery, Gettysburg.
Gardner, Alexander 81:0004:0040 A Sharpshooter's Last Sleep, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Gardner, Alexander 81:0004:0041 Home of a Rebel Sharpshooter, Gettysburg.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0042 Trossell's House, Battle-Field of Gettysburg
O'Sullivan, T.H. 81:0004:0043 Head-Quarters Major General George C. Meade, During the Battle of Gettysburg.
O'Sullivan, T.H. 81:0004:0044 Slaughter Pen, Foot of Round Top, Gettysburg.
Gardner, Alexander 81:0004:0045 Studying the Art of War, Fairfax Court-House.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0046 Provost Marshall's Office, Aquia Creek.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0047 Castle Murray, near Auburn, Virginia.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0048 Culpepper, Virginia.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0049 General Post-Office, Army of the Potomac, Brandy Station, Virginia.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0050 The Halt
Gardner, James 81:0004:0051 The Shebang, or Quarters of U. S. Sanitary Commission, Brandy Station.
Gardner, James 81:0004:0052 Residence of Chief Quartermaster Third Army Corps, Brandy Station.
Gardner, James 81:0004:0053 Headquarters Christian Commission in the Field.
Gardner, James 81:0004:0054 Field Hospital, Second Army Corps, Brandy Station.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0055 Guard Mount, Head Quarters Army of the Potomac.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0056 Head-Quarters New York Herald, Army of the Potomac, Bealton
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0057 Camp Architecture, Brandy Station, Virginia.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0058 Pontoon Boat, Brandy Station, Virginia.
Gardner, James 81:0004:0059 Battery A, Fourth U. S. Artillery, Robertson's Brigade.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0060 Head-Quarters Army of the Potomac, Brandy Station, Virginia.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0061 Commissary Department, Head-Quarters Army of the Potomac.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0062 U. S. Military Telegraph Construction Corps.
Gardner, James 81:0004:0063 Breaking Camp, Brandy Station, Virginia.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0064 Wagon Park, Brandy Station, Virginia.
Gardner, Alexander 81:0004:0065 Jericho Mills, North Anna, Virginia.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0066 Chesterfield Bridge, North Anna, Virginia.
Gardner, Alexander 81:0004:0067 Quarles' Mill, North Anna, Virginia.
O'Sullivan, T.H. 81:0004:0068 Charles City Court-House, Virginia.
Gardner, James 81:0004:0069 Pontoon Bridge Across the James.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0070 Army Repair Shop
Reekie, John 81:0004:0071 Aiken House on Weldon Railroad, Virginia
Reekie, John 81:0004:0072 Medical Supply Boat, Appomattox Landing, Virginia.
Knox, David 81:0004:0073 Field Telegraph, Battery Wagon.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0074 Poplar Grove Church
Knox, David 81:0004:0075 Mortar Dictator, in Front of Petersburg.
Knox, David 81:0004:0076 A fancy group, in Front of Petersburg.
Knox, David 81:0004:0077 Army Forge Scene, in Front of Petersburg.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0078 "Three First Traverses on Land End, Fort Fisher, N. C."
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0079 The Pulpit, Fort Fisher, N. C.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0080 Johnson's Mill, Petersburg, Virginia
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0081 View of the Petersburg Gas Works
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0082 View on the Appomattox River, near Campbell's Bridge, Petersburg, Va.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0083 Quarters of Men in Fort Sedgwick, generally known as Fort Hell.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0084 View of the Interior of Fort Steadman.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0085 Blandford Church, Petersburg, Virginia
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0086 Interior view of the Confederate Line, at Gracie's Salient.
Reekie, John 81:0004:0087 Dutch Gap Canal, James River, Virginia.
Gardner, Alexander 81:0004:0088 Ruins of Petersburg and Richmond Railroad Bridge, Across the James.
Gardner, Alexander 81:0004:0089 Libby Prison, Richmond, Virginia.
Pywell, Wm. R. 81:0004:0090 Old Capitol Prison, Washington.
Gardner, Alexander 81:0004:0091 Ruins of Arsenal, Richmond, Virginia.
Gardner, Alexander 81:0004:0092 View on Canal, near Crenshaw's Mill, Richmond, Virginia.
Reekie, John 81:0004:0093 Ruins of Gaines' Mill, Virginia.
Reekie, John 81:0004:0094 A Burial Party, Cold Harbor, Virginia
Reekie, John 81:0004:0095 Mechanicsville, Virginia.
Reekie, John 81:0004:0096 Extreme Line of Confederate Works, Cold Harbor, Virginia.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0097 Appomattox Station, Virginia.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0098 High Bridge Crossing the Appomattox, near Farmville, on South Side Railroad, Va.
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 81:0004:0099 McLean's House, Appomattox Court-House, Virginia. Where the Capitulation was Signed between Generals Grant and Lee.
Smith, W. Morris 81:0004:0100 Dedication of Monument on Bull Run Battle-Field.

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